Works as guest

Here are the most important works as guest of the members of tool.

Maynard James Keenan:


Texa N.S - Never Again (1986)

Bass and Writer


C.A.D - Fingernails (1986)

Bass, Drum programming, lead vocals, writer and co-writer


Rage against the machine - Rage against the machine (1992)

Guest vocals on "know your enemy"


Deftones - White pony (2000)

Guest vocals and co-writer on "Passenger"

Adam Jones:


Melvins - Colossus of Destiny (2001)

keyboard and guest guitar

Paul D' Amour


Replicants - Replicants (1995)

Guitar and vocals


Justin Chancellor


Peach - Giving Birth to a Stone (1994)


Peach - Giving Birth to a Stone (2000)

He was the bass, additional vocals, vocals, and co-writer in both of them

Danny Carey:


Wild blue yonder (1992)

He played drums


Zaum (1996)

Drums and co-writer


He also played drums in Paul D' Amour's Lusk - Free mars