November 5th:

Web's fourth day, it's been amazing. We're already getting into the most search engines. I've finished the image section, I think it'll be online by wednesday. The tour section, I think it'll be the hardest to finish...but i'm doin' my best. Meanwhile, you can visit the tabs section which is gonna be online by thursday, it will include guitar tabs, drum tabs and some bass tabs, although i'll try to do some drum tabs for the web.



November 4th:

This is the the third day that our web has been online. It's got 151 visits, AMAZING!!! I hope we continue like that! The Mp3 and videos sections are almost ready, i think that on Monday or Tuesday we'll have 'em online.


November 3rd:

In the second day, the traffic hasn't been the best, but i hope it gets better. The images section and interviews are the biggest sections so I hope you understand me...anyway, I'll do my best and I'll try to put 'em online by Thursday


Last Update: November 4th of 2001. We've been online since: November 2nd of 2001


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